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Bricks are the perfect material for Government infrastructure projects ie: schools, clinics, hospitals, and their sustainable human settlements. This is due to their structural and aesthetic integrity, contribution to safety, comfort and wellbeing at a lowest lifecycle cost.

A great example of the value of clay brick in Government projects, are the hundreds of schools that have stood the test of time. In a study that was done to compare schools built by clay brick versus alternate building technologies, it was found that brick wall contruction provides better acoustics, superior thermal comfort during school hours and considerably less maintenance.

For any architects in need of materials for a Government project, we’d like to partner with you! Take a look at our range of bricks and pavers here.

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Case Studies

1. Kimberly Magistrates Court

Corobrik was approached replicate the standard face bricks and the comprehensive range of special shaped bricks used to build the Kimberly Magistrate’s Court originally, for refurbishment and extensions.

This involved removing bricks from the old building, the development of requisite specification sheets detailing the special shaped brick requirements. Then the development of the clay mix to best replicate the colour of the old brickwork. In conjunction with this, the hand moulds and hand cutting jigs to manufacture the various special shaped bricks were manufactured. The special bricks had to be partially hand shaped and polished in jigs to achieve the required texture of the existing bricks.

“Corobrik is proud to have the expertise to be able to match a product manufactured 125 years ago and to preserve the architectural heritage of Kimberly.”

2. Port Elizabeth Magistrates Court

Corobrik was approached to provide bricks for the extension to the building. The extension had to be easily recognisable as being new, modern and state of the art.

1,2 million face bricks manufactured by Corobrik dominate the façade. Firelight Satin and Roan Satin were selected as they are close to the existing colour. To meet the deadline, the bricks were fired at the Midrand factory and transported by road from Gauteng to PE.

The extensions were modern but with a civic appearance, to blend in with the existing structure. Corobrik provided all the bricks needed, working with Newport Projects and Murray & Roberts Construction to conclude a successful project.