Product Attributes

Corobrik’s range of colour-fast, skid-resistant pavers come in different formats, appropriate for residential driveways and pools, walkways, commercial, urban and office parking landscaping. Highly vitrified to facilitate longevity, our clay paving products can withstand the elements and be used in a variety of bond patterns to enhance the design opportunity and overall asthetics.

Corobrik paving products come in different colours, to suit different areas and uses. Different shapes, so that they can be laid in patterns to create different looks.

Popular amongst traditionalists, this rich red clay paver compliments all landscape applications.

These pavers have a rich biscuit colour blend with reduction and flash marks adding character and interest. Excellent for walkways and pool surrounds as these pavers are popular for their low heat absorbant qualities and result in comfort for bare feet.

A yellow/biscuit monotone appearance, these pavers present as unobtrusive and compliment a broad combination of design décor and landscape environments.

A blend of brownish red and blue hues, great for definition and design work when used in conjunction with Cederberg Pavers. Their colour properties also help mask tyre marks and oil stains making them popular for domestic driveway applications.

Soft terracotta and peach hues with some random flashing, result in pavers rich in character reminiscent of the fired clay of medieval Tuscany.

These pavers have rich, earthy colours with natural terracotta hues enhanced with fired flashes of colour, that work particularly well in soft landscape surrounds.

These pavers have rich, earthy autumn colours and natural terracotta hues enhanced with fired flashes of colour.

This paver range extends the design opportunity for creating appealing and beautiful urban spaces.
This range comprises of Cederberg, Burgundy, Champagne and Onyx colours, the latter being of rich dark chocolate hues particularly in the context of modern design trends.

The concrete paver range comprises neutral grey and colours created with the application of pigment to provide both monotone and virigated aesthetics.